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You will get Rs 15 lakh on saving Rs 50, this is the easiest way Mutual fund

Mutual Fund

Mutual fund : If you start investing from today itself by saving money daily, then after some time you can get huge profits. If you are wondering whether you can accumulate Rs 15 lakh by saving Rs 50 every day? Yes, it is possible, if you save some money every day and invest in the right plan, you can easily become a millionaire.

Mutual fund SIP scheme best for investment which can generate better returns than banks and post office. It is also safer than direct stock market investment.

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Mutual Fund
Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund

This is how a fund of Rs 15 lakh will be created
If you save Rs 50 every day by cutting your expenses, you will easily save Rs 1500 per month. SIP this money in a better \\fund scheme. You will have to do this SIP for the next 20 years.

There are many such \fund schemes available in the market, which have given returns of 15 to 18 percent every year for 20 years. Even if you get a normal return of 12%, you will easily create a fund of Rs 15 lakh.

this much profit will be
If you do SIP for 20 years in a good \fund scheme, you will deposit a total of Rs 3 lakh 60 thousand, at the normal rate of 12 percent, you will get interest of Rs 11,38,722 on this deposit, that is, at the time of maturity you will get a total of Rs 14,98,722. Will receive Rs.


Mutual Fund

These funds gave amazing returns
If we talk about some good mutual fund schemes, returns up to 18 percent have been obtained. DSP Flexi Cap Fund has given a return of 18.17% in 20 years. Franklin India Flexi Cap Fund has given a return of 18.10% in 20 years. Whereas HDFC Flexi Cap Fund has given a return of 18.47% in 20 years.

Mutual Fund
Mutual Fund

Invest through SIP
SIP is the best way to invest in mutual funds, in this way you can do good averaging of investments. As a result, there is less risk and better returns. You can switch SIP on and off as per your wish, for which there is no penalty of any kind. Mutual Fund

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